Our Products

H & M offer a bespoke butchery service for every type of client. A service where orders are cut fresh to order. No pre-packed meats picked from large cold rooms that have been selected by an untrained eye, but cut by butchers with years of experience and a good understanding of what the client wants.


We stock a wide range of premium quality English, Scottish and Irish beef, as well as some of the most trusted and recognized imported beef. It’s no hidden truth that the way the cattle is raised has huge influences on the way the meat eats and tastes. By using suppliers that we know adopt the highest standards of animal welfare, we are able to offer chefs a consistently great product to put on their menus.

We adapt our service your requirements and budget and ensure you are getting the very best beef to put on your menu. Our beef is hand selected on its size, texture, and provenance, then aged for up to 4 weeks in temperature controlled rooms, all accounting for an incredible eating experience.

As with all our produce, full traceability of your beef is available if necessary.


Over the years we have found that you have to go some to beat rural English lamb. The masses of green country side results in some of the finest lamb there is to offer.

As well as English, we stock quality imported lamb from New Zealand and Australia. When selecting our lambs, we ensure the size and fat coverage is just right, ensuring the very best meat yield.

We can supply any cut of lamb as halal when required. As with all our produce, full traceability of your lamb is available if necessary.


All our chicken is farm assured and reared buy suppliers who understand the importance of welfare and traceability.

We supply a quality range of fresh poultry reared from British farms. Premium free range and specially fed chickens are readily available. Not forgetting the imported produce, we can supply you with a range of different chickens from a range of continents.

Certificated Halal poultry is always available. As with all our produce, full traceability of your poultry is available if necessary.


As time goes on we are beginning to see I higher demand for our range of quality controlled veal products. The tenderness and low fat content makes veal an appealing option when choosing a meat.

The calves are raised in spacious, light and airy housing. They are typically fed on a generous mixture of milk and fibre. This diet ensures that the meat is low in saturated fat, delicate in taste, succulent and tender.

As with all our produce, full traceability of your veal is available if necessary.


Our Pork is locally sourced, from British farms and reared by farmers who have the animal’s welfare at the forefront of everything they do. Our Free range pigs are reared outdoors and have free access to roam, eat and sleep at their will. Their diet consists of up to as much as 20% apple pulp, which is added to the cereal and protein to encourage the appetite and enhance the finishing taste of the pork.

As well as our British we also stock imported pork for customers with this preference. With the good value and range of cuts available, pork should not be overlooked when selecting a menu.

As with all our produce, full traceability of your pork is available if necessary.

Sausages & Burgers

Looking for something different to put on your menu? We can work from your recipe to create something unique to you!

We have developed a varied range of handmade sausages and burgers using high quality ingredients and prime cuts of fresh meat.


We use a range of different suppliers for our game to ensure we not only get the best quality but the best variety possible.

The nutritional, seasonal treat proves popular amongst our customers when choosing a menu.

Please note that shoots may vary according to weather. Some frozen products are available for out of season produce.

Cooked Meat & Deli Products

From the everyday to the not so common, we are sure we can cater for you. We can source a very versatile range of products. Products that include: cooked meats, pies, pate’s, cheeses and much more.

We source our cooked meats and deli products from different suppliers who are specialists within their field.